Application Guide

1. Complete your Called College profile.

The Profile connects us with you and gets the application process going.

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2. Schedule a Video Consultation.

This video call with a member of the Called College team helps us get to know you, learn more about your calling, and coach you through the application process.

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3. Complete your NCU application

All Called College applicants must complete an application to North Central University, even if you have applied there in the past.

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Called College is an academic partner of North Central University. NCU provides our accreditation and is the academic engine for Called College.

4. Send Documents to North Central University

Send North Central University your official high school transcripts as well as transcripts from any previous undergraduate institutions you’ve attended. Request to have your official transcripts sent from your previous institution directly to the Admissions Office at North Central University.

– Submit official transcripts via email to

Or, mail all of your materials to:

North Central University Admissions Office

910 Elliot Avenue

Minneapolis, MN 55404

5. Fill out your FAFSA

Free Application for Federal Student Aid – Complete your FAFSA as soon as possible. This will be the first step in your financial aid process. Make sure you include North Central University (code #002369) on the list of schools to receive your FAFSA information.

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NCU Application Step-by-step Guide

←​ Questions marked with an orange tab require the exact answers given in this guide. All other questions in the NCU Application may be answered with your personal information.

Go to North Central University and click “Apply Now.” Create a new application login, or use an existing login.

For Enrollment Type, select “online.” When asked “Are you applying to take classes online”? select “Yes.”

  1. For “Are you taking classes as an undergraduate or Graduate student?” select “Undergraduate.”

When asked “Are you affiliated with one of North Central’s Academic Church Partners?” select “Yes” then select “Called College.”

For “Major of Interest” select “A.A Called College.”

GED – Select “No” if you graduated or will graduate with a diploma from a high school.

For “College(s) Attended”, list any colleges you have attended in the past. If you have not attended any colleges, skip this page.

When asked “Why does the online education format appeal to you?” you may simply reply “Called College.”

Upon completion of the online signature page, press “Back to checklist.” Your application should now look like the photo below. You should have all green checks. If you have any red Xs, click on that checklist item and answer all its questions.

Once you have all green checks, click “Submit Application.” Even if it looks like nothing happened, your application has been submitted. You should receive an email from North Central University with the subject line “Congratulations on submitting your application!”

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