Church Ministry Partners





Church Ministry Partners (CMPs) are destinations for the training of next-generation ministers.

Romans 10:15 says this:

“…how are they to preach unless they are sent?”

We at Called College ask, “How will they be sent if no one trains them?”

CMPs are the answer to that question!

Becoming a CMP means agreeing to share your knowledge and provide opportunities for young, future ministers to lead in your ministry.

Three opportunities are available to you:

  • Individual Ministry Partnership
  • Semester Partnership
  • Summer Ministry Partnership

Learn more about each partnership below!


If you want your ministry to make a long-term difference in the life of the Church, apply today to become a Church Ministry Partner!


Individual Ministry


Fall & Spring Semesters


Individual Ministry Opportunties create a bridge between your ministry and Called College, where you have access to a collective of young people on fire for God while they have access to a safe venue for practical training.

Your ministry provides leadership opportunities at up to two weekend or midweek services per semester, which may include preaching, teaching, leading worship, serving on a prayer team, and doing kids or youth ministry

Ministry Partners will be asked to provide:

  • A small honorarium
  • A meal with leadership before or after service

Summer Ministry


8-10 Weeks | May – August


The Summer Ministry Opportunity Partnership (SMO) invites your ministry to train, develop, and release a Called College student into a wide spectrum of ministries. Your ministry team will have the chance to lead this student into deeper maturity and the expansion of their ministerial skill set.

Summer Ministry Partners will be asked to follow the SMO Guidelines (provided by the College) which are designed to help the student achieve consistent and measurable growth outcomes.




Tier 1: Training Partner

Your church will host two second-year students to serve in one ministry area for four consecutive weeks, with 3x four-week blocks per semester (12 total weeks, with three student pairs). 

Ministry Partners will be asked to:

  • Provide a monthly stipend per student (at least $100)
  • Provide a meal after service twice per month
  • Receive a one-time offering for the College during the semester


Tier 2: Mentoring Partner

Your church will host two second-year students for a whole semester (10-12 weeks) to serve each week in one area of ministry. Leadership will meet with the students weekly to plan, execute, and evaluate. This is also a time for leadership to mentor the students through intentional C.A.R.E.

Ministry Partners will be asked to:

  • Provide Student Scholarships ($1500 per student)
  • Adhere to the Mentoring Guidelines provided by Called College.
  • Receive a one-time offering for the College

Mentorship Values

Connection through authentic relationships

Active disciplines and healthy boundaries

Renewal in self-care

Education and personal growth


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